• Rudi Middel - IT Solutions Architect

    Sanoma Learning is a great place to work. An approachable organization where you have a lot of freedom to contribute to the future of education in five European countries, all belonging to the top of the educational segment. My colleagues are characterized by being ‘critical when needed, social when possible’. A true Sanoma Learning employee doesn’t like to be confined and loves a drink and snack with his colleagues every once in a while.

    As an IT Solutions Architect I evaluate major project decisions to determine if they still follow the blueprint as stated before. Furthermore, I identify pain points and make sure there is remediation if they endanger the vision of the projects, departments and/or organisation. I proactively look for and find improvements in processes and tooling and challenge design decisions against principles – cross-border! What better than seeking synergy within the different business units to improve the enterprise technology domain and thereby bring the education market to today’s standard? It gives us the opportunity to ensure that we are able to make beautiful products that are used daily by millions of children and young adults. That isn’t just beautiful, it’s wonderful!

Jeroen Croonen - Application Consultant

Working at Sanoma Learning gives me a lot of positive energy that pushes me to keep improving on both personal and professional level. Just as my colleagues. As a team we all have the same drive to succeed in developing the best learning solutions possible, and therewith improve ourselves, Sanoma Learning and our five operating companies. I’m very proud to be part of the team. Working within five different countries makes it fun and you get to learn new cultures on a daily basis. As an application consultant I’m responsible for the development of the applications in my domain, like Salesforce, Selligent and Contentserv. These applications are continuously updated, which makes my job very dynamic and every day at the office interesting.

Bas Crans - Business Controller

There are a number of reasons why working for Sanoma Learning is great. First of all we develop products that are of social importance. Secondly, I like the international character of the company. And thirdly, the open working environment enables me to get in touch with colleagues of our five European business units. There are a lot of challenges facing us within a wide range of projects, it’s nice to know we can align our processes and rely on the knowledge of others. Being a Business Controller I see it as a challenge to continue working on the further professionalization of the finance function within Sanoma Learning. Full speed ahead!

Annemarie Flach-de Beukelaar - Management Assistant

Coming from Malmberg, I already captivated the passion for enabling teachers and pupils to give and receive the best education possible. By joining Sanoma Learning that passion grew beyond borders. As the newest kid on the block of the Sanoma family we had to proof our potential in the educational business. I have the privilege of working with great colleagues, national and international. Being right in the middle of the organization, the spider in the web, is the best job if you ask me. Supporting the Board and their direct reports is exciting and challenging at the same time. As assistants we not only look ahead, share views and make it happen, but we engage others to work together across borders in a rapidly changing working environment. I am proud of being a small part of this big learning journey and very much looking forward to the future!

Arnoud van der Steenstraten - Lead Enterprise Technology

As a company we have an important mission: we enable teachers to excel at developing the talents of every pupil – mine included. To achieve this we aim for providing the best possible education materials and I think it is a privilege to be a part of this. As Lead Enterprise Technology in IT I work together with a knowledgeable team and many different suppliers in an international context. This can be quite challenging, but at the same time inspiring because everybody adds some particular input to the result. I regard my work as a continuous puzzle trying to provide IT solutions in time to support our business units so they can succeed. High commitment, versatility, international orientation and sense of humor define a typical Sanoma Learning colleague at Head Quarters.

Jeroen Haesenbos - Service Engineer

I really like being part of creating digital learning platforms that give much more insight in the progress and development of pupils. Education has really changed over the years. There is a significant difference between the education during my childhood and the education my son receives. Digital learning methods prevail. As Service Engineer I’m responsible for making sure a centralized process for creating these methods works as expected. I’m in constant contact with my colleagues in various countries to help them resolve issues, inform them about updates/new features and also discuss how we together can maintain the high quality of our digital learning methods. What I like about working at Sanoma Learning is the informal corporate culture. A real Sanoma Learning employee is approachable, has an open attitude and team spirit since we all share the same goal: creating high quality learning methods.

Maarten Abeling - Software Developer

Contributing to the development of products that are of social importance and thereby using state-of-the-art technologies and frameworks, makes Sanoma Learning an exciting and interesting place to work. As software developer I have the freedom to utilize and expand my knowledge while at the same time contribute to valuable products which improve the learning process and experience of our future/learning generation. To achieve this, our scrum development teams all work together very closely, continuously trying to improve ourselves by sharing the passion for making good, reliable and maintainable software. This makes working at Sanoma Learning very pleasant. Furthermore, there is also plenty of time for social events with colleagues; we can see each other also at the pub for a beer and some small talk.