• Santillana

    Building the future every day

Santillana has been promoting education in Spain for over sixty years and has a wide range of projects for each educational stage (Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary, High School and Vocational Training) and teaching area; always with the aim of ensuring consistency between teaching practice and the curriculum. It offers teachers the solution that best suits their methodology and numerous materials that help them effectively in their daily work: textbooks, digital projects, teaching guides, reinforcement and extension workbooks, curricular programs and classroom materials.

Escuela de autor is an innovative pedagogical project that enriches the treatment of the fundamental aspects of the curriculum with the incorporation of state-of-the-art educational methodologies. It includes a set of flexible and modular materials from which teachers can create their own programming and teaching sequence, thus adapting to the specific needs of their students. In addition, teachers will have online resources and meeting spaces to share the learning experiences they develop in the classroom. In short, a way of understanding education from the perspective of creativity and participation.

“Aware of the change that the incorporation of technology in education implies, Santillana works on the development of new educational digital products and services. The aim is to promote the use of technology to create interactive learning environments that motivate students, help them acquire knowledge and develop digital skills”.

Javier Caso de los Cobos
Managing Director Santillana