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With a comprehensive and modern range of products Nowa Era offers materials that relate to all stages of education and all subjects, including foreign languages and the largest section of school cartography. Furthermore, Nowa Era’s offer is complemented by modern school management software (by VULCAN) and solutions in the field of special educational needs, including the popular eduSensus series.

Dlanauczyciela.pl is a unique base of educational tools and materials, dedicated to support teachers working with our products. Among many solutions it offers multibooks, multimedia libraries, presentations, movies, recordings, test generators and documents that help teachers in their everyday work and in preparing students for external exams. It has more than 200.000 registered users and is visited by more than 115.000 teachers each month.

“Education gives pupils inspiration and stimulates them to empower their own potential. With digital learning materials we can easier appeal to pupils and attract them to learning, whether they are in need of more training, more information or just more attention.”

Magda Walczak
Managing Director



VULCAN is Nowa Era’s subsidiary and leader in the area of hi-tech solutions for schools in Poland. The company has been setting trends in the development of technology in education, as well as continually raising the standards of its implementation and use. Click here for more information.

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