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Malmberg is our Dutch leading educational publisher developing numerous high impact learning solutions for primary, secondary and vocational schools in the Netherlands. Their principal task is to support teachers, so they achieve high learning outcomes.

MAX is a learning solution that supports teachers in their daily classroom practice. It is the ideal mix of print and digital learning tools, which is improved regularly based on the latest feedback from users. Therefore, MAX is always up-to-date and facilitates both personalized learning and individual practice. It allows schools to improve its own performance, through increased insight in the personal student results.

“By supporting teachers in every way, pupils and students will get the best education.”

Rimco Spanjer
Managing Director


Bureau ICE

Bureau ICE is Malmberg’s subsidiary that focuses on providing reliable and high quality tests and exams. They are best known for the IEP Eindtoets, belonging to primary education. This final exam is intended to check the level of a student: it measures the mandatory skills reading, language care and maths at the end of the eighth grade. Click here for more information.

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